Ben Stokes Video Work:

Two shows, East coast, West coast, Janelle Monae & M.I.A., they perform with each other, via Hologram. This documentary illustrates the process of creating two, live shows, with hologram guest stars, taking place simultaneously, from coast to coast. Directed by: Ben Stokes. Produced by: Obscura Digital, Dorian Orange.

A section from DJ Shadow performing in Tourcoins France, June 2016. Tour visuals by Ben Stokes

The story of Los Angeles History presented as a light show, projected on the facade of the Century Plaza Hotel on January 19th, 2017.

DJ Shadow Live from the Shadowsphere at the Park West, Chicago 11/19/2010. Visuals and live mix by Ben Stokes. Documented by Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy students with Jariah Waring.

City Hall 100 Years. Mayors Conference. June 19th 2015. Creative Director - Ben Stokes. Animation - Tim Digulla, Ron Robinson, Brett Bailey, Britnee Diamant, Hung Wei, Eddy Kat & Ben Stokes. Sound Design - Ben Stokes & Tim Digulla. Production - Obscura Digital. See more.

Dallas Cowboys. ATT Stadium Media. Director - Ben Stokes. Animation - Ben Stokes & Tim Digulla. Sound Design - Ben Stokes & Tim Digulla. Production - Obscura Digital

Client: Vice. Creators Fest. Director, Designer. Animator - Ben Stokes