As a visual artist, Director & VJ, Stokes has designed live shows and directed music videos for artists including Janelle Monaé, Nine Inch Nails, M.I.A., De La Soul, Public Enemy, and DJ Shadow. Stokes has also designed large scale multi media projections for SF City Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Century Plaza Hotel & the Antartica Dome at Coachella.

Recent Projects as Director/Designer:

2017 - Century Plaza Hotel Building projection. Creative Director
2016 - DJ Shadow "The Mountain Will Fall" tour. Designer, director.
2015 - SF City Hall 100 Years. Director, Animator Sound Design.
2014 - Dallas Cowboys Stadium Media. Director
2014 - Kuwait Tower. Designer, Animator
2014 - Rengades of Rhythm. Director, Designer Animator.
2013 - Motorola Cube, VJ, Designer, Animator
2013 - SF Ballet Nut Cracker Promo Westfield Mall: Director, Animator.
2012 - Obscura Digital, Westfield Mall "Corazone" Desinger, Animator, Cinematographer & music & Sound Design.
2012 - DJ Kascade Freaks of Nature Tour, Mark Mguire, (Design & animation)
2012 - DJ Shadow, "Shadowsphere" tour, Mission ControlDesigner, director and everything to do with visuals.
2012 - Autofuss. SAP - Animator.
2011 - Teak Digital, Big City Mountaineers. - Art Director & Animator.
2011 - Obscura Digital, Princess of Abu Dhabi Wedding - Live action director. 
2011 - Teak Digital - Nest Thermostat, Art Director, Designer & Animator.
2011 - Obscura Digital. LG Building projection LA. Animator.

2009 - NASA PSA "Holograph" Featuring Mos Def & Astronaut Leland Melvin, 2009, Director.
2009 - Heineken Distributers Convention spot. Director, Designer, Cinematographer.
2009 - CO2 Cube visuals, Designer, Cinematographer.
2008 - Latin Revenge (music Video) Azeem 2009, Director, animator.
2007 - Gun Fight (music video) for the Mighty Underdogs. 2008, Director & animator.

Recent Tours:
Meat Beat Manifesto. 2016
DJ Shadow "The Mountain Will Fall" tour 2016
"Renegades of Rhythm" tour 2014
DJ Shadow DJ Set 2013 2014
Shadowsphere 2010-2012
Meat Beat Manifesto Tour 2010-2011
The Hard Sell Tour - 2008-2009
Hard Sell show at the Hollywood Bowl. July 2008
Meat Beat Manifesto 2005 -2006

Music videos as Director (partial list)

MC Azeem - "Latin Revenge"
Public Enemy - "Night Train"
De La Soul - "Saturdays"
DJ Shadow - "Walkie Talkie"
The Orb - "DJ Asylum"(BDA Gold Winner), "Toxygenes"
Meat Beat Manifesto - "Helter Skelter", "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" "Edge of No Control" "Fromage"
Josh Wink - "Are U There?"
Nine Inch Nails - "Head Like a Hole"(editor), "Down in It"(Director)
Ministry - "Flashback, Stigmata, 

Commercials & Broadcast Design (as Director):
Tech TV - Two spots
MTV - Music video awards packaging '06
M2 - Promo IDs "Drag", "Drop" (BDA Gold Winner)
Howard Stern - E Entertainment show open & packaging
Levis - "Butterman"


Obscura Digital (Freelance director) 2009-2015
Ntropic 2013 Safeway Fundraiser Event
Dorian Orange - 2013 2014 Motorola Cube
Mekanism - June 2008, 2009 Carles Schwab. 
The Orphanage Jan - April '07 Compositor - Pirates of the Carribean 3. July-Nov. '06 Compositor - Mimzy
Linc. Design June '06 Motion Graphics - Mervyns
Radium Sept '05 Motion Graphics - Oracle
Tino Corp. Records 99-present Owner, Artist & Founder.
H-Gun Labs 89 -01 Owner, Director & Founder.

BDA Gold for "DJ Asylum", BDA Gold for "Drag", BDA Silver for "Helter Skelter",
Monitor Award for "DJ Asylum" & Audience Choice Award at Res Fest for "Walkie Talkie"
Guest at Licoln Center for the Arts, for "the Work of Ben Stokes retrospective" Hosted by Armond White

Authored a Chapter for the After Effects Magic book series; "Virtual Sets" New Riders Publishing
Teacher at Film Arts Foundation on After Effects

Skill Set: After Effects, Premier, Touch Designer, C4D, Pro Tools, Abelton Live, & good old fashioned production: cinematographer, producer, animation director.